Access to markets, the biggest pain for SMEs


Business without the Internet

Today, it’s hard to imagine business without the Internet.

With increasing mobile access and the boom of social media it seems the opportunities for business is limitless.

Yet, there are still business owners who refuse to make the transition.

Are you one of them?

ATM Club

Is your business positioned to get a steady stream of income from leads through Facebook and Social Media?

If not, why not? What is keeping you back?

Can’t be a lack of information (information is available at the click of a button).

Is it the fear of the unknown?

Still burying your head in the sand, while competitors are raking in thousands?

There is hope… 

We turned over an additional R100k in less than a year by using Facebook as our primary strategy without paying for a single ‘paid' Facebook advert!

This was a brand new income stream which augmented our other business income.

ATM Club

Imagine the possibilities for your products and services! 

Just wondering what level of income and success you achieved through using Facebook and Social Media as a business tool?

Maybe we can help - Let us know.

My best takeaway was how to show my target group their pain and how my services helps them – Mkhululi

I learnt techniques that will get customers to chase me, because of the solutions I provide. - Noleen

I had no idea of the power of FB groups and now know how to use it to my advantage.
– Candis

I have been in business for many years, this opened up a new world of opportunity for my business. – Nomvula