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How did we get here?

The City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Government messed up big time. In fact all tiers of Government is complicit through lack of foresight and mismanagement of our water resources.


What is in the news media?

Post links to news and media articles about the water crisis. Let's engage and be informed. 


What research is out there?

Submit links to research papers and documents here for easy access and reference.


What experiences are there?

The experiences from the ground are frightening and are violations of basic human rights. Post your own stories here and read the real lived experiences of many at the hand of an uncaring City of Cape Town.


What can I do to help?

The Cape Town Water Crisis Coalition was formed on Monday 15 January 2018 by local organisations to ensure sustainable water resources. The coalition stands united against drought levies and tariff hikes. 


How can I stand with others?

Join in the action,.partner with others in civil action both in mass City-wide events as well as in local community-based organising and action. See events and post your community events.

Launch of Water Crisis Coalition

In an attempt to arrest the City's appalling handling of water crisis
  • 08 January & 15 January 2018

    1. Birth of Coalition Idea - 08 January and Birth of Coalition 15 January 2018

    A number of organisations met and talked about forming a Water Crisis Coalition on 8 January and convened a special session to launch the Cape Town Water Crisis Coalition on Monday 15 January 2018.

  • 18 January 2018

    2. Consultative and Planning Meeting

    Great engagement and planning session. Protest on Sunday 28 January and Street Pickets all across Cape Town was some of the Mass action initiatives planned at this meeting

  • 8 - 28 January 2018

    3. Task teams are getting on with work

    Task teams have started to tackle and work on the various elements of our fight. Feel free to join any one and play a meaningful role for sustainable and radical change. The task teams are Research, Mobilising, Media and Legal

  • 19 January 2018

    4. Local Community Organising

    Communities are encouraged to form local coalitions with various bodies and entities at community level. A call has been issued to form WMD Rapid Response Units to assist residents to stop the installation of these illegal meters.

  • 28 January 2018

    5. Protest and Picketing Action

    Diarise and spread the word about the Protest Action scheduled for Sunday 28 January at The Cape Town Civic Centre starting at 14h30. At the same time local communities will hold pickets on main roads within communities to join in the protest


Our first victory was that we successfully pressured the City to extend the date for comment on the water bylaw. The new date is 31 January. 

Secondly we were part of the campaign that led to the scrapping of the drought levy. 

Thirdly, within a short space of time we have launched a wide ranging COALITION of over 60 organizations that unites Cosatu and Saftu in one movement, together with several grassroots organizations and bringing together a brains trust who have spent their lives researching, defending and championing a people friendly sustainable world. 

We have come far and we have only just started. 

We are on our way to challenge the privatization of water and services. 

We can still achieve a lot. We have a world to win.

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